Villa Impresja’s House Rules

Rule 1.
Guests are required to keep the apartment in order and use the rooms only for their intended use. All rooms are non-smoking.

Rule 2.
At the start and end of the stay the apartment will be inspected together by both the guest and the owner.
Guests are required to pay for any damage caused during the stay.The cost of the damage to be decided by the owner. If the costs exceed the 200PLN deposit (payable at the start of the stay) the guest is required to pay the difference.

Rule 3.
It is the landlord’s/owner’s responsibility to ensure that access to the property is kept free of any hindrance and that the apartments are kept in a clean and hygienic condition.

Rule 4.
The following arrival and departure times should be observed:
Earliest check-in time – 15:00.
Latest check-out time – 12:00 midday.

Rule 5.
Any extension of the agreed rental period requires prior permission from he andlord and is chargeable.

Rule 6.
An increase to the agreed number of guests is not allowed.

Rule 7.
If the actual number of guests is less than the agreed number, no refund is applicable.

Rule 8.
Additional visitors may only stay the night with the express permission of the landlord.

Rule 9.
During the stay the guest is responsible for the care and cleaning of the apartment and its contents.

Rule 10.
Part of the 5000 sq meter grounds of Villa Impresja is allocated to the apartments. It is a well laid out garden for the guests use and relaxation.

Rule 11.
Use of the visitor’s car park is free. Guests use the car park at their own risk. The landlord accepts no responsibility for damage caused by a third party.

Rule 12.
Pets are allowed only after prior agreement with the landlord. A charge is applicable.

Rule 13.
When leaving the apartment all windows should be closed and doors locked.

Rule 14.
The landlord will change the bedding and towels once a week.

Rule 15.
Electricity usage will be calculated at the end of the stay and the guest will be advised of the charges to be paid including the applicable taxes.

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

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